Design & Prototype

TAKSANG has a design team with skilled experienced engineers offering a dedicated service to our customers, providing a cost-effective solution to potential new products.

Mass Production

TAKSANG work with our customers to provide alternative manufacturing techniques to improve build quality and time savings to ultimately give a cost reduction in mass production.

Quality Control

Quality inspection is done during the manufacturing process to ensure product quality as the approved sample, and a final quality inspection will be carried out before the shipment.

after-sale support

After client received the metal parts, we would follow-up the parts and customer feedbacks & improvement advice in order to build long-term business relationship with every buyer.

Trader & Manufacturer of Metal Parts

Established in 1982, TAKSANG is one of the leading exporters & manufacturers of professional OEM sheet metalworking parts & products in Hong Kong & China.

We specialize in making sheet metal parts by stamping, punching, pressing, deep drawing & CNC spinning, and also being professional in mold & tooling. Besides, we export stainless steel items such as barware, tableware, household & other OEM promotional items.

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Manufacturing Capability

Pressing & Deep Drawing

Deep Drawing process can make part from sheet metal to thin-walled with cylindrical, stepped, tapered, spherical, box-shaped and other irregularly shaped. It can also arrange in pairs with others stamping processes to produce complex parts. With our 600T hydraulic press, a max. Dia700mm hemisphere can be produced.

CNC Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is a kind of spin forming or spinning or metal turning most commonly, is a metalworking process by which a disc or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into an axially symmetric part. Our CNC spinning machines are equipped with models 600SR, 800DR & 1450SR which allows making reel plate with Dia900mm.

Laser Cutting & Welding

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to vaporize materials, resulting in a cut edge. The focused laser beam is directed at the material, which then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. Our laser cutting machine is 1500W that can cut steel plate up to thickness 5mm.

Frequently Ask Question

What materials can be used to produce metal parts?

We work with a variety of material in our metal manufacturing processes. Every metal behaves differently in the stamping / pressing / drawing / spinning process, but our experience and expertise enables us to produce all types of metal parts with the same high levels of quality and precision. We can manufacture certain metal parts from Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper & Titanium.

Do you make your own tooling and dies?

We manufacture all of our own tooling, dies, and fixtures. Our state-of-the-art tooling department enables us create high precision tooling and dies for even the most complex metal stamping and fabricating projects.

How can we ask for a quote?

1. Tell us your ideas 2. Send us your drawings (2D/3D) with material grade & dimensions, if any 3. Advise your order quantity & other requirement 4. Email all to 5. We shall get back to you asap

Recent Completed

Aluminium Hemisphere

AL5052-O t3.0mm by CNC spinning for lighting industry

Aluminium Bucket

AL1050-O t5.0mm by CNC spinning for industrial-machinery used

Steel Pipe Coupling

SPCC t0.8mm made by CNC Spinning for industrial use

Steel Base

Steel Base made by 600T Hydraulic Press for outdoor lighting used

Exhibition Exposure

HKTDC Lighting Fair

Hong Kong

HKTDC Houseware Fair

Hong Kong

Guangzhou Int'l Lighting Fair


Shanghai Hotelex Fair


OEM Projects for Various Industries

Metal Spinning / May 30 , 2021

Stainless Steel Venturi Tube made by CNC Spinning for automotive industry.

  • Market: China
  • Industry: Automotive

Deep-Drawing / March 30 , 2021

Steel Dome Shade made by Deep Drawing & Hydroforming for lighting industry

  • Market: Netherlands
  • Industry: Lighting

Stamping / Aug 30 , 2020

Steel Amplifier Enclosure made by Stamping for audio industry

  • Market: Belgium
  • Industry: Audio